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Discover Real Trend.

Why Choose Us?

Our Approach

Creating value through diversity. Our foundation is built on the strength of diversity. At Real Trend, we respect and value differences. We believe that when people from different backgrounds and with different experiences work together, we create the most value – for our stakeholders, our people and society.

Our Mission.
Extracting Value From Diversity. 

With diversity at our core, we aim to maximize its multi-faceted potential by:

  • Establishing an effective organizational structure to harness the full capabilities of all assets and resources within the Group and deliver exceptional quality products and services that continue to exceed expectations.

  • Continuously raise the bar of excellence, through borderless teamwork and a collaborative mindset across the group.

  • Generate and initiate ideas that disrupt the status quo and inspire people.

  • Conducting our businesses ethically, and with the utmost integrity.

  • Contributing to the country’s economic growth, creating job opportunities, and being actively involved in developing the local community.

  • Providing unparalleled service to every Real Trend Group stakeholder and enhancing shareholders’ value.

Our Why. The Purpose

Our purpose is why we exist.

At Real Trend, our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. The quality services we provide create value by delivering solutions at lower costs to help people enjoy a quality lifestyle in the markets and industries where we operate. We develop outstanding leaders and teams to deliver on our promise to all our stakeholders. In doing so, we play a critical role in building a better working culture for our people, clients, and communities.

As a group, we are a team of experts that specialised in our own field, and we strive to bring value to our partners and clients through our knowledge, skills and experience.

Our Vision.
Pioneering Inclusive Well- Being.

We strive to be thought leaders and innovators – a non-conventional business with positive economic, social and environmental impact as we continue pushing boundaries in pursuit of diversity and inclusion. We are committed to providing the public masses with innovative, high quality products and services at a comparable cost. Essentially, we serve the needs of the many, with ideas, creations, solutions, strategies and bold new paradigms harnessed from our diversity of people and perspectives.

Our Story

Our Story. The new Equation in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Real Trend Group is a business entity that consists of seven wholly-owned subsidiaries company involved mainly in professional services, construction, real estate and property development.

Founded by a group of dedicated entrepreneurs with respective professional backgrounds in accounting, legal, banking, construction, real estate and property development, we are a community of solvers combining human ingenuity, experience and technology innovation to deliver sustained outcomes and build trust.

Working With the Best Clients and Partners




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